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10447 Roselle Street, Suite 1  San Diego, CA 92121
(858) 587-2569 | info@crossfitdelmar.com

General Membership Classes:

Mon-Fri:6:00am, 7:00am, 11:00am,
12 noon, 4:30pm*, 5:30pm, 6:30pm*
Tue, Thu:8:00am
Sat:8:00am, 9:00am,
Free Intro Class 10am & 11am

Olympic Lifting Classes*:


Open Gym:


* The Olympic Lifting Class replaces General Membership Class on the corresponding days and times listed above.

Upcoming Certifications
at CrossFit Del Mar

CrossFit Del Mar honors:

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Upcoming Events

CrossFit Kids Class - 12 and Under - Weekday Class Begins July 10th

Our Saturday Kids class at 9am continues to be very popular.

We are adding a Weekday class for kids 12 and under each Thursday at 5:30pm. This class will be taught by Kim. The fee for kids is $10 per session. Bring your child and let them WOD while you get your WOD in at 5:30pm. The class will go simultaneously but be separate from the adult class. See Kim or Esther for details.

Announcing 2X a Week Olympic Lifting Class

We have replaced the General Membership Class with an Olympic Lifting Class each Tuesday @ 4:30pm and Thursday @ 6:30pm.

This class will be taught by Coach Nick. This class is included in Unlimited membership levels. In the future there will be a small fee for 2 and 3 time a week members. Coach Nick brings a wealth of CrossFit Training and Olympic Coaching skill.


We are going to participate in the Lurong Living Paleo Challenge. The 3rd annual Lurong Living Paleo Challenge is the largest Paleo Challenge in the U.S. This online program is PROVEN to improve both body performance and body composition. It was built by specification of CrossFit Affiliates and was created to support and empower the entire community. When you combine competition, community, accountability, structure, motivation, and education you end up with a recipe for success. The Lurong Living Paleo Challenge platform allows for individuals to compete simultaneously as an individual and for their Affiliate. Our Affiliate, CrossFit Del Mar, will compete with other CrossFit's nationwide! The 8 week challenge tracks diet compliance, body composition, personal goals, workout performance, and improvements.

The challenge begins on Sept, 15th! Individual sign up is open now and you can register HERE!

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